The fab boombox was my final project for How to Make (Almost) Anything.


The boombox plays mp3 files from a standard SD card. It was designed and built using techniques common to the fab lab community.


The case is a retro-inspired nested set of octahedral prisms. It was designed as a parametric cad file and cut on a laser cutter.

Sunlit boombox

The front buttons are touch-sensitive, using copper pads on the backside of the panel.

Control buttons

On the back panel, there's a power switch and slot for SD card.

Back panel


The boombox is controlled by three custom PCBs.

The main board reads the SD card, decodes mp3 files, and outputs audio.

Main pcb

Main pcb (back)

Daughterboards amplify the audio signal and handle the capacitive inputs. The PCBs are mounted inside the case on plastic standoffs.

All pcbs

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