Massively Parallel Rendering of Complex Closed-Form Implicit Surfaces
Technical paper, SIGGRAPH 2020
(Companion blog post)


RUSTSEC-2020-0043 (reported in 2019, number assigned in 2020)
A particularly interesting bug, with security implications


Systems and Methods of Post-Processing Features For Additive Fabrication
Issued US patent for 3D printing support structures

Techniques for Metallic Material Deposition in Additive Fabrication
Patent application on research done at Formlabs

Implicit Kernels for Solid Modeling
Invited tech talk


Ao: Homoiconic Solid Modeling
Poster at the Symposium on Computational Fabrication
Representing MIT CBA

OpenFL: Hacking SL with the Form1+ API
Invited talk at the Symposium on Computational Fabrication
Representing Formlabs with Ben FrantzDale


Additive Fabrication Support Structures
U.S. Patent 9,183,325

Desirability by Design
Panel discussion at Hacking Arts.

How to Make Tools
Presentation at Fab 11 Symposium


Turning Code into Things
Overview of my homebrew CAD/CAM software.
Make Magazine, Volume 40.


Hierarchical Volumetric Object Representations
for Digital Fabrication Workflows

M.S. thesis, focused on CAD/CAM workflows.
This work was presented at SIGGRAPH 2013, (abstract, poster),
where it received second place in the Student Research Competition.

Design Representations & Interfaces
Presentation given at the Science of Digital Fabrication event

CAD/CAM research overview
Summary of current progress towards my MS thesis.
Presented at the FAB@CHI workshop


Digital Workflows for Digital Fabrication
Presentation given at NDIST 2012

Cooperative Search with Autonomous Vehicles in a 3D Aquatic Testbed
Presented at the American Controls Conference


Implementation of 32-bit Ling and Jackson Adders
Presented at the Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers

Autonomous Vehicles: A Hands-On Interdisciplinary Freshman Course
Presented (by others) at American Society for Engineering Education Conference


Energy-Delay Tradeoffs in CMOS Multipliers
Final report for project sponsored by Oracle Labs


Adaptive EEG Decoding for a Brain-Computer Interface
Summer research with the BCI group at Johns Hopkins (CISST-ERC REU)